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Make Sure Your Marketing Works.

We combine research with creativity and smart planning to run successful marketing programs.


At Between Pixels, we understand great work cannot happen without a strong Marketing Strategy in place. Our refined process leverages research and insights to inform strategy and create a clear roadmap to inform brand decisions and ongoing marketing efforts. Committed to client service, our team understands the importance of aligning with your goals to develop the most impactful strategy to inform all marketing decisions.

Market Research

Great marketing starts with research. We offer a comprehensive market research program, including in-person interviews, focus groups, and online surveys to give you a deep understanding of your most important audiences. We use the results to guide our consulting and production services, ensuring that your marketing strategy is grounded in data and our content educates, inspires, and motivates your audience to respond.

Story & Strategy Workshop

Our Story & Strategy Workshop is the fastest way to build the foundational elements of your marketing strategy. And it's also a great way to take a fresh look at your audience, messaging, and positioning to ensure everything is aligned. Throughout this half-day workshop, one of our Marketing Strategists will lead a series of interactive exercises that help provide clarity and focus around nearly every aspect of your marketing strategy.


The language you use to reach and connect with your audience matters. We have a well-established process for translating your features and benefits into a concise, visual framework that makes selecting the right message a matter of picking from the matching quadrant. Our Framework is designed to connect to your audience at multiple levels, mixing aspirational and practical messaging to make sure your target audience knows what you do and why it matters. With pre-defined messaging for every channel, all content created for your brand will be consistent-- no matter who creates it and where it ends up.


Great ideas can come from anywhere, but we have a team and set of processes to accelerate their discovery. We can come alongside your team as advisors, helping establish and manage your marketing strategy and introducing creative ideas from other industries. We can help analyze your current initiatives as a baseline, report on results, make recommendations, and help you solve your most complicated marketing and content problems. You get the peace of mind of knowing you have a trusted partner to serve as an extension of your team.


Warm Moments and Cool Rates

Creating a Connection to Attract the Right Customers

The First Electric Bass Boat

Bringing the Lurion Ion to Market

Walt the Gas Guy

Giving a Friendly Touch to Natural Gas Company

What Makes us Different

  • A Team of 25+ Full-Time Creative Professionals with a diverse set of skills
  • A staffing model committed to service and a premium client experience
  • A proprietary Story Framework designed to develop compelling, strategic messaging
  • A discounted and transparent pricing model for partners
  • Extremely high client and staff retention rates
  • A team-based service model that increases quality and offers scalability
  • A well-refined workflow that encourages collaboration with clients
  • An in-office studio and all equipment necessary to film and deliver content
  • A culture that develops leaders


The experience of working with us should be as good as the work we deliver. We are highly collaborative and easy to work with — easy to talk to, highly communicative, and available when you need us.

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