Lurion Boats

Innovation is only innovative if it’s the first to market.

That’s why the pressure was on when Aroha Technologies reached out to our team at Between Pixels to help them launch their innovative all-electric bass boat. We had to build the brand, and the boat, before anyone else could stake the claim. Ready to see how we did it?


Aroha Technologies had a portfolio of startups, and one of their unique requests was to develop an all-electric bass boat that did not yet exist in the market. They came to Between Pixels to help them validate the need for such a product, and to help develop a brand to build around the product.


Between Pixels started by conducting market validation to determine the need for an all-electric bass boat. The research resoundingly showed a demand for this innovative new idea and we set off working with the client to build a strong brand around the boat.

Branding is essential to helping a product get seen and be memorable. A brand is made of the colors, aesthetics, tone, and feel that help customers associate favorably with a product or business. That’s why it was essential we put so much effort into a strong voice for this new product. With research, and development we helped craft the name: Lurion for the parent brand. Stemming from the words 'lure' (as in a fishing lure and allure) and 'ion' (an homage to electric energy) to create the name Lurion.

We then worked diligently to create a messaging and brand guide, including fonts, colors, and graphic elements. We also built and designed the Lurion website and assisted in designing the boat itself, including details such as the cup holders, floorboards, and user interface. The team worked closely with the client, showing them work-in-progress updates at every stage, to ensure they were meeting the client's vision and needs.

Market Research

Determined the need for an all-electric bass boat

Visual Branding

Created a new digital graphics package that would fit the new brand

Web Design

Designed and built a new website

The Results

Due to the collaborative effort between Lurion and Between Pixels, we successfully brought the product to market, allowing Lurion to compete against some of the biggest names in the bass fishing industry. The client was pleased with the final product and was involved in every stage of the process… and most importantly: Lurion was the first all-electric bass boat to hit the market.

Between Pixels was able to provide Lurion with a complete branding package, website design, and boat design, as well as assistance with messaging, personality, and tone. By taking a holistic approach and collaborating closely with the client, the team was able to deliver a successful product to the market.

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