Launching Aylo Health and Disrupting an Industry

Creating a New Brand That's Memorable and Easy to Recognize


Eagles Landing Health was a Primary Care healthcare provider that focused on providing patients with high-quality, convenient care that is both affordable and accessible. For over 30 years, they’ve grown with the community in which they started, just south of Atlanta. They had developed a unique and differentiated model for delivering primary care, one that offered more services at a lower cost and a much more convenient delivery model. And they were ready to expand into new markets.


While the clinical delivery and business operations were ready for expansion, the Brand was not. It was created to support a single location in Eagles Landing, Georgia. It wasn’t scalable, and it didn’t reflect the future of the brand. Eagles Landing Family Practice worked with our team to create an entirely new brand that would support a much bigger business and connect with new audiences.

Our team lead a Discovery phase, where we dug deep into research and audience insights. We held focus groups, interviewed leaders staff members, consumed a ton of third-party research, and analyzed social media and feedback from current patients. That led to a Brand Development phase, which ended up with a new name (Aylo) that satisfied all our requirements for the identity. We created a visual identity, developed a complete messaging framework, and helped create content and integrated campaigns to introduce the vision and the brand to their current market and their staff. While we don’t claim that it was perfect, the launch was viewed as a major success by any metric.

Ultimately, all of the hard work and strategy that went into the creation of the brand has set the foundation for where we are today. We’ve continued to work closely with the Aylo Health team as a partner through the initial launch and expansion of the business. A series of successful Grand Opening and launch campaigns has led right into a series of ongoing integrated, multi-channel campaigns that have helped establish Aylo Health in their first new market, exceeding expectations for patient acquisition and growth. And we’re just getting started.

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