Walton Gas Warm Moments Campaign

Creating a Connection to Attract the Right Customers


It can be hard to differentiate yourself when you sell the same gas as your competitors. But Walton Gas offers a level of service and commitment to their customers that is truly unique. They don’t participate in pricing games, they invest in their community, and they always do right by their customers. They’ve been serving Georgia since 2002 and compete in a highly regulated, competitive industry with organizations that have much access to much bigger budgets for marketing.


We had been working with Walton Gas for several years, so we knew their brand well. For this campaign, we knew we wanted to target customers that were less likely to switch at the first discount rate offered by a competitor, so we needed to find a connection point that was deep. We interviewed customer service reps, reviewed social media comments and reviews, and studied the market to see how competitors were currently positioned.

We ultimately landed on a campaign that shifted the focus from the product and pricing to the meaningful experiences that a comfortable home can provide. Walton Gas is a relationship-based company, and this campaign would help reinforce that commitment within their audience. Warm moments, cool rates was born.


During our initial strategy phase, we create a content roadmap for the campaign that would allow us to extend the content well beyond the TV ad. We wrote and produced dozens of assets for Walton Gas to use across nearly every channel, each optimized for the unique characteristics of the medium and the audience. This included print materials and social media content that incorporated on-screen text and graphics. The result was a much higher ROI as we were able to deliver a ton of content to increase the overall value we provided.

Between Pixels is a vital asset to our business and the growth we have experienced during our five years partnership. Their team stays up to date on marketing trends and constantly explores new opportunities. They go above and beyond to create content that we feel best represents our brand.

Phil WeatherlyDirector of Business Development, Walton Gas

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