Breakthrough Advertising to Launch a New Market

Showing patients why Aylo Health is better

Katie Gillen

Director of Marketing Services


Aylo Health is a Primary Care provider with over a dozen locations in the Atlanta region. They were ready to expand to new markets under their fresh, new brand identity.


Heavy regulations, high fixed costs, and an expensive patient acquisition cost are just a few of the challenges for new entrants into Primary Care. The good news was that Aylo Health had developed a better primary care model, centered around a better patient experience. The challenge was that it was built under the Eagles Landing Family Practice brand, and they needed to break into a brand-new geographic market under the new banner of Aylo Health. And they also needed to make it scalable and repeatable.


We started where we usually do…research. And we found that the new market shared many of the same frustrations we addressed in the existing Aylo service areas. So we leaned into them, developing a “teaser” campaign that delivered a sequenced messaging strategy based on the following phases:

Phase 1: Healthcare is broken. Months before we opened our doors to the public, we wanted to remind potential patients that they deserve better healthcare. You shouldn’t settle for waiting weeks for an appointment, seeing a doctor that doesn’t listen, and running all over the place to get all the care you need. At this point, we didn’t reveal a solution, we just seeded the idea by highlighting stories of healthcare fails that hit close to home. We wanted to create dissonance and a bit of anticipation for a better future.

Phase 2: Better care is coming. Weeks before opening day, we started to introduce key elements of the brand in an effort to generate awareness and leads. We wanted to increase anticipation in the audience for a new approach to primary care. As we got closer, we revealed more about the brand and, eventually, invited patients to prepare to make a switch.

Phase 3: Better care is here. The grand opening phase was a blitz to get potential patients excited about Aylo Health and inspire them to book appointments. Our messaging was direct and clear, and we used our messaging framework to deliver a mix of aspirational and practical messages.


This Advertising plan was paired with other campaigns in an integrated set of campaigns that touched just about every channel. Our messaging framework ensured that we delivered the right mix of styles and messages to help the new audience understand what Aylo offers and why it’s a better solution. So far it’s working beautifully.

The Between Pixels team came up with a great plan and amazing Advertising to introduce our brand to the new market. Their contribution went way beyond creative services and helped inform everything from how we designed the in-office patient experience to how we trained our staff.

Tim ReichertVP of Marketing, Aylo Health