Walton Gas

Giving a Friendly Touch to Natural Gas Company

Walton Gas is a Georgia-based natural gas provider that offers fair pricing, great customer service, and a commitment to the local community. But they needed help telling that story in a compelling way, then getting it in front of the right people. As we enter our third year of partnership with Walton Gas, we’ve worked closely with their team to reinvent their brand, launch a strong digital presence, and grow their business through an integrated marketing and advertising program. You might say they’ve turned up the heat on their Marketing (pun intended).

The Problem

When it comes to finding a natural gas supplier, most people think all providers are the same and choose the offer with the lowest rate. But there’s much more to this decision than price. Rather than highlighting low introductory rates and promotional offers that expire without notice, Walton focuses on delivering reliable, dedicated, and friendly customer service. And they invest in their local community because it’s the right thing to do.

But how do you educate the audience on their buying decision, persuade them to look beyond the rate, and convince them that Walton Gas is a better overall value?

The Solution

Customers need to understand that they need a gas provider they can trust, and that means putting their customer service at the center of the campaign. To highlight the character of the customer service at Walton Gas, we decided to give a face, voice, and personality to a product that customers never actually see. We built out a story framework to help uncover their brand narrative, then translated the message into an actual character who would embody the values and virtues of Walton Gas.

We named him Walt.

And he became the centerpiece of an integrated campaign that helped tell the story of Walton Gas in an entertaining and engaging way. We created a complete backstory that helped us understand how he would behave in any situation, then placed him in situations where his passion for natural gas and quirky, lovable personality could shine. Every ad, post, and print piece were integrated and designed to reinforce the core message.

The Results

Through this integrated, character-driven campaign, Walton Gas was able to genuinely connect with their customers across TV, social, print, email, digital, and community events. We saw a lift in brand recognition, positive feedback from customers, and growth in key market segments for the business.

The successful marketing and advertising campaigns helped establish a strong relationship between Between Pixels and Walton Gas. We were able to earn their trust through our commitment to truly understanding their business and serving them well. They awarded us with the opportunity to apply our story-driven approach to a new mobile-friendly website, which we designed to compliment their marketing strategy, support their growing business, and give their customer support team a fresh set of tools to work with.

This new digital platform allowed us to fully guide the customer through the entire customer journey, from invitation (ads, mailers, and social campaigns) to consideration (fresh branding, on-site video and site content) to conversion (lead generation forms, registration and online sign-up and renewal).

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