MurMaid Mattress S'tores and More

Using humor to disrupt the disruptors


Murmaid Mattress is a thriving retailer and manufacturer based in Chattanooga, Tennessee. They have a long history of serving their customers, investing in their employees, and building up their community. Their industry is constantly changing, but the past decade has been particularly disruptive. Cheaper materials, foreign entrants into the market, and the rise of direct to consumer manufacturers selling mattresses online are just a few of the challenges.

These pressures were making it increasingly important that Murmaid Mattress do several things well. They needed to make sure that the consumer understood very clearly what made them different. They needed the community to know how much they care about (and invest in) the people programs that make their community great. And they needed to help customers understand the benefits of shopping at a local store staffed by real, supportive people. In short, we needed to help them strengthen their brand position and disrupt the disruptors.


We developed several concepts that followed the strategy and met the needs of the creative vision for the campaign. We knew that the Ads needed to be different from the typical Mattress Company Ad, they needed to be memorable, and they needed to drive in-store visits. We knew that using humor would help reinforce the message that Murmaid Mattress is relatable, approachable, and is here to help.

Each Ad set up a different situation and was written and produced to address a specific value proposition, speaking to a number of different audience profiles.

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