Kennesaw State University

Re-Thinking University Orientation With A Personalized Content Platform

Kennesaw State University wanted to revolutionize the orientation experience. The biggest merger in the history of US higher education demanded a different approach for preparing new students for college. One that accommodated multiple campuses, a diverse student body, and content delivered the way this generation expects it.

We started with a comprehensive audit of their orientation experience, from the documents they hand out to the lectures delivered by department heads. Working closely with nearly every department at the University, we were able to cut, edit, re-format, and optimize our way to a workable platform. This allowed us to create much more focused content and determine which student populations needed to see it.

Once the content was well understood, we started construction on the personalized, mobile-optimized video-based orientation platform. The system uses student profile information to create a personalized watchlist based on a host of factors, from their interests to their campus housing choice to their transfer status. We wrote, shot, and produced over 40 videos based on a deep audit of their content and orientation experience– these were paired with additional information and quizzes to test retention. A progress bar allowed the student to track their progress against assigned videos and delivered them a certificate of completion they could take to registration on their first day of school.

The results so far have been encouraging. Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and students are reporting that they feel more prepared for their college experience– and more excited about their choice of schools. And the KSU team has data and reports on student participation and profiles that were previously out of reach.

Video Production

We re-organized their entire content library, then produced over 40 videos to ensure incoming Freshman were fully informed and connected with the University. Our full-service production included hiring talent, writing scripts, and shooting and editing the videos. Each video was crafted to cover a specific topic so it could be matched with the appropriate student profile, offering more than 1,000 different orientation experiences to incoming students.

Content Platform

This generation of incoming students expects content to be delivered in an elegant, mobile-friendly environment personalized for them. So that’s what we created. The Ignition app combines their student profiles with their stated preferences to deliver only the content that matters to them. And it includes embedded quizzes to make sure the information is actually retained. Reporting and Administrative tools give KSU staff the information they need to manage the program.

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