Illuminate India

Leveraging Video for Non-Profit Fundraising

Illuminate India is a Non-Profit organization based in the U.S. and partners with organizations in India to help support the most vulnerable individuals in the culture. Their work centers primarily around young women, orphans and children with special needs. They partnered with Between Pixels to create a compelling fundraising video that would inspire donors to give to their cause and help change the lives of India's most vulnerable.


Boots on The Ground

In order to truly capture the heart of any overseas NGO you have to spend time in the country soaking up their work first hand. But before you jump on a plane and fly to your destination you have to first begin with the Story Framework.

Once we had our Story Framework mapped out we hit the ground running, literally. After an overnight flight to India we went straight to our first location and started filming. As the week went on we used our Story Framework notes as our guide and then let the story unfold as we soaked up the culture and the stories we experienced on the ground.

We first started with a thorough in-take and story questionnaire that helped us gather all the background information and map out the Problem, Tension, Solution and Vision for the end product.


A Heart Felt Message

Our end product combined both b-roll and voiceover with in person interviews in order to connected real people and stories to donors in the U.S. We used the voiceover to guide the story and focus the message on key touch points while the interviews served as a means of emotional connection and empathy with the project on the ground.


Building the Story Framework.


Scriptwriting, concept and execution.


Original footage shot on location.


Weaving the footage into a compelling video.

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