Leveraging Video to Explain A Company's Software

FieldEdge is a field service management company based out of Ft. Myers and Atlanta with an innovative suite of products and services. Their mission is to help service companies (e.g. HVAC) run their businesses more efficiently, and they’ve been very successful. Their rapid growth has introduced a new set of challenges– from recruiting talent to onboarding new clients to scaling their sales efforts. We’ve enjoyed a great relationship with FieldEdge, and one of our favorite assignments has been to show prospective customers the impact FieldEdge can have on their business. It’s one thing to understand the features you’ll get with their software, but what really matters is whether or not FieldEdge can move the needle in a measurable way.

One small HVAC business in Rome, Georgia has a great success story. Ware Mechanical signed on with FieldEdge to help automate and simplify some of their most important functions, from dispatch to procurement to invoicing and payments. And we had the opportunity to document their evolution as partners with FieldEdge.


How FieldEdge Helped Ware Mechanical

Our Story Framework gives us a solid foundation to build a narrative that connects with the audience. And although it outlines a well-defined and predictable process, each instance is unique. In this case, we already knew the solution. So we had to work in reverse to identify the underlying truths, problems, and tensions that are addressed by the FieldEdge solution.

Ware Mechanical was faced with a series of challenges that are common to an organization of their size and industry. Just about everything they did was manual and time-consuming, from positing their daily schedule on a whiteboard to dispatching trucks “the old fashioned way”. The resulting tension is a pain point that most business owners can identify with. They’ve worked hard to build a business based on trust and reliability, they just needed something to help them focus on what matters.

After we mapped out the story framework for Ware Mechanical, we knew that the real point of interest was the way the FieldEdge software improved the lives of their employees. The operational and financial improvements are impressive, but it’s the emotional impact that will ultimately influence future purchase decisions.


A Heartfelt Testimonial of a Software Integration

We were honored to have the opportunity to capture Ware Mechanical’s story of partnership with FieldEdge, showing powerful evidence of their impact on the business and the lives of their clients.

Ware Mechanical now runs their business differently, and it’s opened up a host of new opportunities for them. A once small HVAC company can now compete with the national brands and larger regional players. And we had the chance to find out how they got there.


Building the Story Framework for the event.


Oversight of the story, and interview.


Original footage shot on location.


Weaving the footage into a compelling story.

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