A Brand Story for FieldEdge

Showing the Ultimate Impact of Better Operations


Field Edge provides a cloud-based software that helps streamline Field Service Management from end to end. After discussing the idea for a few years, they decided to pull the trigger on an Epic story that dug into the impact that a better-run small business, powered by their software, can have on a family.


Our Marketing, Production, and Animation teams got started on initial concepts and storylines that could make a high-impact video. Ultimately, we focused on the fact that, for many HVAC companies, the ultimate success is passing down the company to the next generation of family members. We combined that idea with the modernization that FieldEdge brings and ended up with an animated story that tells an optimistic story about a bright future for the family business.

The process included an extensive design phase where our team developed an overall look and feel, then they built out full storyboards that included original (hand-drawn) designs for the characters and the scene. Then came the animation and final production, resulting in a Brand Story that was truly unique for their industry.


Developing the idea.


Building the Story Framework.


Scriptwriting, concept and execution.


Hand drawn characters and scenes.


Bringing the characters to life.

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