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A Fitness Brand Works Out Their Marketing

Echelon is a Wellness and fitness company that sells fitness equipment for in home use. They are known most prominently for their bikes, but they also make rowers, treadmills and smart mirrors that help the consumer elevate their at-home workouts. Their equipment offers thousands of ways to workout with both live & on-demand classes guided by pro instructors.

The Problem

With the rise of working out from the comfort of home, Echelon’s brand was growing fast and they needed to elevate their content marketing if they wanted to stand up to their competitors. With limited amount of digital content, they were struggling to reach potential customers with relevant content that focused on the core of what the company is about: their members. They had been striving to reach this market for years, but were having difficulty conveying their brand the way they had hoped with other production companies.

The Solution

Between Pixels was able to “workout” a solution, utilizing our story framework, that would take compelling testimonials from their members. We knew we had to be sensitive in how the interview was crafted and in the safety precautions we needed to take when filming members on their equipment. We chose to bring in our set designer who could make their interview space feel more dynamic and elevate their products to look even better through proper lighting and staging.

The Results

We were able to take amazing testimonials from a variety of members, from a heart transplant survivor to a mother who lost her daughter at age 4, to a father and daughter who found a common ground through Echelon. We focused on how their members use the equipment to improve their lives, including some using the tight-knit Echelon community as a means of therapy. In the filming process, we also helped Echelon feel confident that we were creating compelling, safe content that captured their brand voice and made their products look enticing.

“There is a great thrill and joy with working through interviewing someone. In a short time span we were able to get their members to feel comfortable and to trust in us as they shared their personal struggles in a beautiful, vulnerable, inspiring manner.”

Katie GillenMarketing Director

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