DeNyse Companies

Leveraging Video to Create a Compelling Brand Video

DeNyse is a full service architectural design and signage company. They provide design, fabrication, installation, service and repair for architectural signage, commercial signage, lighting, and solar products. They tasked Between Pixels with the job of creating a compelling brand video that showcased the scope and quality of their work from beginning to end.


How We Tackled the Project

Our Story Framework helped solidify the scripting process for this video project. We were able to quickly establish an opening scene that set the stage and then move into specific projects that showcase recognizable brands that make an impact in the lives of individuals.

The challenge was capturing all all these projects at various stages of production and installation. We spent over a year filming the footage for this project and our team was even on standby for weeks at a time just in case a sign installation was taking place and we needed to capture the end result.

We finished off our filming and scripting with energetic music, sounds effects and fast paced editing in order to bring this brand video to life. In the end DeNyse wanted a casual low key voiceover that felt approachable and real. So, fun fact... the voiceover in this video is actually the rough read that we dropped in the initial edit, but the client loved it so much it made the final cut.


Building the Story Framework.


Scriptwriting, concept and execution.


Original footage shot on location.


Weaving the footage into a compelling video.

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