Atlanta Painting Company

A Fresh Look for a Painting Company

Atlanta Painting Company is the Atlanta area's leader in residential and commercial painting since 2006. While they provide custom plans for home paint projects, they also provide residential work, including gutters, and deck staining.

The Problem

With the rise of DIY & HGTV, it is easy for people to think painting their home is an easy option but can often times result in even more of a headache when their DIY goes wrong. It’s hard to sift through the vast options of contractors, and even more difficult to find one you can trust enough to enter a personal space. Atlanta Painting Company has so much to offer, but were unsure how to target the right people who needed their help.

Luckily, they trusted BP for this colorful task.

The Solution

Using our story framework, we were able to create ads based on their tensions and customer profiles. Once we understood who their audience was, and what their driving motivations were, we felt the best way to capture the attention of this group would be through humor.

The Results

We were able to create casual, funny, and clever ads that describe why customers should trust APC for their painting projects. The ads focused on two couples, one who chose Atlanta Painting Company and one who did not. In the end, Atlanta Painting Company enjoyed the finished product and were immediately able to show it in venues (including the Braves stadium!) that they previously would not have been able to get into.

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