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Turn your social media platforms into a marketing powerhouse.

Win on the channels your customers are spending their time.


At Between Pixels we specialize in storytelling and content marketing. Our social media management services span from content creation to posting and fully managing social media presences on behalf of our clients. We start with a Discovery session that defines your audience, content calendar, and brand attributes.

We start with a Discovery Workshop to align our strategy and production teams with your brand and goals. Then we start our Production Cycle, giving you a steady stream of high-engagement content across the most relevant social channels in a collaborative process.

  • Planning. A monthly review of performance, business priorities, themes, and content ideas.
  • Production. Your Marketing Strategist leads the production of content for the month, including filming and coordinating talent, staff, props, and locations.
  • Post-Production. We batch produce and optimize the content for all channels, adding music, text, graphics and other elements to drive engagement.
  • Placement. Our media team posts the content to the appropriate channel, leveraging trends and techniques that get your message is viewed and consumed.
  • Analytics. The cycle ends and begins with a review of key metrics and performance, which feeds into the next planning cycle.

What Makes us Different

  • A Team of 25+ Full-Time Creative Professionals with a diverse set of skills
  • A staffing model committed to service and a premium client experience
  • A proprietary Story Framework designed to develop compelling, strategic messaging
  • A discounted and transparent pricing model for partners
  • Extremely high client and staff retention rates
  • A team-based service model that increases quality and offers scalability
  • A well-refined workflow that encourages collaboration with clients
  • An in-office studio and all equipment necessary to film and deliver content
  • A culture that develops leaders

Social Media Management Packages

Content Creation

Creation of 2 posts per week: Concepting, Developing, Filming, Editing, Content can be video or graphic design


2 Posts Created per week • Development of Content Calendar • Recommended Messaging

Full Service

2 Tier-1* & 3 Tier-2* posts created per week • Development of Content Calendar • Recommended Messaging • Posting to Platforms • Community Management