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Between Pixels is a creative agency specializing in video production, advertising, digital marketing, branding and strategic communication.

We help clients thorough the United States plan, produce, and distribute powerful content and campaigns across nearly every digital channel. Our unique combination of strategy, marketing, design, and production services allow us to truly partner with organizations and ensure the content we produce meets their goals. We can serve as a full-service creative agency or focus solely on producing great video content. And we hire people who understand what service really looks like, which means our clients get an experience that is as good as the content we produce.




MAS Contract

Core Competencies

Video Production


Marketing Strategy

Design & Branding Services

Digital Marketing

Virtual Event Production

Our Differentiators

  • A GSA MAS Contract Holder, Contract #47QRAA22D006F
  • A unique service model that combines strategy, creative, and video production services
  • Uncommonly strong and trusting relationships with clients
  • A proprietary Story Framework for developing compelling messaging and strategic communication
  • A culture and staffing model based on service and a premium client experience
  • Extremely high client and staff retention rates
  • A Discovery model that allows our team to quickly understand a client’s organization
  • A team-based service model that increases quality and offers scalability
  • A well-refined workflow that builds-in collaboration with clients
  • A customizable software platform to deliver online training and virtual events
  • An in-office studio and all equipment necessary to film and deliver content
  • A culture that develops leaders

Project Examples

Inspiring primary care patients to Do Amazing Things

Aylo Health believes that Primary Care is about more than just getting sick people better. It’s about helping people be healthy so they can do amazing things, no matter what “amazing” means to them. Aylo hired Between Pixels to create a brand and series of Advertising campaigns that would not just get more appointments, but help change the perception of Primary Care and, in the process, inspire people to take better care of themselves. 

We created a Messaging Framework, Advertising Strategy, and Campaign Roadmap to drive our creative and distribution decisions. Then we started to produce Ads as part of an integrated and multi-channel campaign that delivered a targeted message across TV, Social Media, Radio, Out of Home (Billboards), Direct Mail, Email, and more. The marketing campaigns are credited with helping them grow significantly over the past three years, and we continue to work closely to impact more patients in Atlanta and beyond.


Aylo Health


Integrated Ad Campaigns and Patient Education

Raising Awareness for COVID Research

The COVID-19 Pandemic forced the healthcare industry to respond and evolve quickly. And it highlighted the need for strong communication to educate the public, influence perception, and inspire action. One of the most effective ways to reach the right people and tell the right story is through animation.

We had the opportunity to develop messaging strategy and content for several organizations during the peak of the COVID Pandemic. We were able to combine our expertise in communication strategy, writing, design, and video production to create content that equipped healthcare organizations with tools to connect with their audience. 


Community Research Partnership, Wake Forest Baptist Health


COVID Public Education and Program Awareness

Building a Retail Mattress Brand Through Advertising

Murmaid Mattress is a regional manufacturer and reseller of mattresses and other sleep-related products. They’re competing in a crowded industry filled with large national brands and innovative startups, so it’s critical that they get their story told.  

We developed a series of Ads that helped introduce their company in a way that was memorable and delivered a clear presentation of their key differentiators. Murmaid Mattress is a local provider with real stories that are filled with staff who know their stuff and build great products.


Advertising Campaigns

Primary NAICS & PSC Codes

  • 512110 – Motion Picture & Video Production (P)
  • 323111 – Commercial Printing (Except Screen & Books)
  • 333318 – Other Commercial & Service Industry Machinery Manufacturing
  • 511210 – Software Publishers
  • 541430 – Graphic Design Services
  • 541511 – Custom Computer Programming Services
  • 541612 – Human Resources Consulting Services
  • 541613 – Marketing Consulting Services
  • 541810 – Advertising Agencies
  • 541850 – Outdoor Advertising
  • 541910 – Marketing Research & Public Opinion Polling
  • 541990 – All Other Professional, Scientific, & Technical Services
  • 561611 – Investigation Services
  • 561920 – Convention & Trade Show Organizers
  • 611420 – Computer Training
  • 611430 – Professional & Management Development Training
  • T006 – Photo/map/print/publication – Film/Video Tape Production
  • T001 – Photo/map/print/publication – Arts/graphics
  • DA01 – IT & Telecom-Business App/App Development Software as a Service
  • R431 – Support-Professional: Human Resources
  • R408 – Support-Professional: Program Management/support
  • R422 – Support-Professional: Market Research/Public Opinion
  • R701 – Support-Management: Advertising
  • U099 – Education/training-Other

Great Work Starts With Great Partnerships.